Bad days

Bad: not good; disappointing or unpleasant, or causing difficulties or harm...”

Everybody have bad days, those that from the start you didn’t even want to wake up and when finally did, you knew you were going to regret it.

You look at your alarm clock and big surprise, after fighting for an hour with the snooze button, it’s very late. In order to catch up, shower gets skipped, you get out of bed, struggle to find something clean after realizing that the shirt you were supposed to use have a hole or a coffee stain, eventually, give up, take a little less stained shirt, and rush to the door getting out as fast as you can just to come back one more time for those notes you were supposed to take for that presentation you have, and, on your way to work, traffic is worse than ever.

When miraculously you get there, about 40 minutes late, everybody looks at you and when you’re thinking ‘is not like all of you always gets here on time, give me a break’ some coworker asks you if something’s wrong, you say no, go quickly to the bathroom and see yourself made a mess, like in one of your worst hangovers ever, red baggy eyes, hair is everywhere, forgot to shave (again, so you finally achieved that homeless look nobody wants) and just when you thought ‘fuck it, who cares, what is done is done and let’s do this´, you realize that the zipper of your pants has been opened since you put them on, with a crushed spirit full of shame, you take a deep breath, try to gather some courage, fix yourself the best you can and go to the meeting and, surprise again, the papers you took were the wrong ones.

My advice, remember that it’ll eventually pass, nothing is forever and there will be a tomorrow, even if you’re on a Monday, that means that you have many other days to turn things around and if you didn’t, the weekend will be there, just for you. 99% of the times things won’t change just because, you have to give it a try, to make an effort, be aware of what you’re doing and make the smart move to put yourself together, take a break if you can.

In many occasions, when I thought I was paying for all my bad actions in just one day as a sadistic vendetta of karma, I found out that the feeling would dramatically decrease after taking a 20 minutes’ nap or having a sandwich, sounds too simple to be truth, right? But it makes sense if you think about it, when you feel tired and start walking around like a zombie, what could be more helpful than sleeping a little, and when you’re angry with no apparent reason, there’s a feeling of incompetence or misunderstanding that surrounds you and everybody who have the bad luck of crossing your path, what could be better than taking control of things by giving you a little treat? Your body knows most of the times what you need, matter of fact, it usually screams at you what it needs, listen, and remember that nobody in this life will help you as it will, nothing else is more important in this life than taking care of yourself (asides, family, values, etc. You get the point.)

If these bad days are too often and if it just seems impossible to change the tide, then it may be time to make a big change in your life, find the main reason why these bad days can’t go away, think about yourself and your capabilities to change things, be honest, don’t make the mistake of setting the bar too high, for example, if you’ve never been able to be good at social meetings, thinking ´well, it would all change if I’m more social, so I’ll start tomorrow´, won’t help, probably you’ll try a few times, then give up, and finally accept things won’t change… well, they won’t, not that way, like I said, you have to know yourself, in this example, if you´ve never been good at social meetings, it’s clear that social meetings aren’t your thing, and that’s fine, yes, you can try to improve it, but if you want the bad days to stop like, right now, perhaps is a better idea to change your environment, find another job, ask for another position, may be is the time for those long vacations you’ve postponed in order to get things in order, do it now, use your head and I bet you won’t regret it.

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