How to blog? A Beginner’s Perspective

Blog: A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”).

I started to get involved in the world of bloggers just about a week ago, and I got to admit, it’s been pretty fun, it seems there’s an entire international subculture of bloggers I had no idea about, many interesting points of view in all kinds of subjects: books, politics, movies, photography, etc. Apparently, there’s a post out there for every topic you can think of, and after reading a few of them I realized there’s a lot of room for improvement for ‘my blogging’.

Up to this point I’ve just popped out any idea I’ve had, and wrote a short article about it, which is not bad for a first step, after all, you got to start somewhere, right? But perhaps is time to step up a little and manage things with a smarter perspective. So, I’m going to try to answer the question of this post in some summarized steps, mainly for myself but if I could help another beginner blogger that would be really something, so here we go:

1.- Research

If you want to ‘blog’, or do anything as a beginner, the first smart move to make, is to perform a research of your own, google it, ask other bloggers, watch some videos, etc. Yes, sometimes it may look a little boring, you are full excitement and want to start right away, I get it, that’s what I did, and like I said in the beginning, it is fine, whatever makes the ball start rolling (I guess that expression is accurate, if it is not, just act like it never happened). The thing is, when you want to take control of your actions, to scan the territory you’re getting into, just makes sense. That’s why in order to make this blog I’ll follow my own advice and take a moment to research for the answer of ‘how to blog?’

2.- Get a blog

Pretty obvious, right? probably you already did (in that case you may want to skip this point) but when you search for ‘how to blog’ in google or you tube, that’s the first thing it says, and is worth mentioning in case somebody out there doesn’t know how to. Is pretty easy if you choose the simple path, which is,  go to a well-known place on the internet like WordPress (this site was made there for free) and just follow the line, the site will guide you, you’ll find there are many options but if you’re a beginner like me, to keep it simple may be the right one until you feel ready to move on.  There are some sites to choose from, here is a list of them in case you want to check them out: Just to mention the not so simple path, well, sometimes is simple but will definitely cost more, that is to hire somebody or an agency to make your blog from scratch, if they are true experts they’ll deliver something good but will charge you a lot, and will take some time. if they are not experts, they’ll will probably follow the simple path themselves but including their bill, or sometimes, they’ll deliver some crappy webpage for a price, it’s a big risk if you ask me.

3.- Define what you want to achieve with your blog

Do you want tons of followers in order to transform that popularity into money? Or perhaps what you want is to share your intimate thoughts and find people in order to make profound connections? Maybe your thing is to help others or just to share some sports opinions, whatever it is, to define what you want from the beginning will help you to achieve faster what you want. If you know exactly what that is from the beginning, then you’re really lucky, but if you’re like me then it may be a little unsettling, however, I’ve learned that sometimes it is a process. To be honest, I’m still not entirely sure what this blog is about, if you looked around, then you probably saw that there’s one post here about a movie, other over there about politics, and there are other two I had no idea where to put them so I created the category: ‘Divagations’, just for them. I’m still finding the spirit of this blog, and who knows, maybe that’s it, maybe my blog is about ‘movies, politics and divagations’, that’s the awesome about blogging freedom, you don’t have to be like everybody else, and your blog can help you to find out who you are and who you want to be.

4.- Admit you want to be seen

So maybe you’re one of those people that believe they don’t have to accommodate themselves for the rest in the name of authenticity, and if somebody follows them, that’s his gain, but if he doesn’t that’s his loss. The truth is that if you started a blog is because you want to be seen, you want to share something that’s important for you, there are millions of blogs out there and if you want to be seen among them you’ll have to make an effort, which takes me to the other steps.

5.- Keep it interesting, keep it fresh, keep good quality

This was also a recurrent subject in the tutorial videos I saw, people want something new, something they haven’t seen before and that has good content. Find a rhythm for posting, perhaps one a day or four in a week, this will make people follow you, if you deliver what they want they’ll keep coming. Don’t make the mistake of burning yourself too quickly, making two or three posts a day for a week, and disappearing two months, will be like starting from cero every time. Remember the first step? It was research, it is actually helpful for everything, if you want to improve your content, research is the key, is not the same to say ‘Trump is an asshole because he twits bullshit’ as analyzing in a paragraph or two, how Trump’s latest twits affected the stocks values and their international repercussions followed by a few links to back up your statement (Ok, maybe that was a boring subject but it was just an example).

5.- Don’t be afraid of SEO

You’ve probably heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and if you´re not into web developing or programming, chances are it may sound a little scaring, something that’s just for web developers and programmers, but is not like that, entirely. First, what is SEO? In short words, it’s to improve your site in order for the search engines (pages like google) be able to find it easier, to master SEO may be hard, perhaps something just for developers and programmers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few simple things that you can do in order to improve your site, and that’s SEO, for example, adding some tags and links to your posts it will help it to be easier to find. If you want to learn more You Tube is a great start, in fact, here is an intro video class if you want to get into it:

6.- Be social

The more social you are on the internet the bigger chances you’ll have to promote your blog, take advantage of your social networks, places like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, are great to get your blog out there. However, if you’re shy like me, you may not be ready to share all your thoughts of your blog with the people you know, and that’s ok (for now, eventually we must overcome that I guess), but how about visiting other blogs, make some comments, give some likes, if you do this, eventually you’ll be noticed and the blogging community will be interested in visiting your page, that’s what I’ve done, and finally gained my first visits, they are just a few, but from cero to a few, it’s been a big step for me.

7.- Don’t give up and have fun!

Finally, an obvious tip, don’t give up, the more time you invest in your blogging, the better results you’ll get, you will improve, it will get better, I promise, and I may just be a beginner in blogging, but this advice applies for everything I achieved in my personal life and I don’t see why blogging would be different, as long as you do it consciously, you’ll improve your skills and get a few ones new in the process, have fun with it, remember that, it may be more important than it seems.

If you want to know more about blogging these are a few of the webs I looked into for this article:

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