What is this blog about? A.K.A. “Intro”

Just like everybody else I have an opinion, a point of view, a comment about everybody and everything that comes across my life, and just like many of us, I’d always chosen to keep it to myself and a few poor friends which in name of friendship have been obligated to listen patiently.

But recently, I’ve encountered myself in an interesting stage of my life, I discovered  I hated my life, so many changes were in order, the first one, I finally resigned my office job and for the last month I’ve been eating my savings and looking around in hopes of finding something that allows me to earn enough money to live without wanting to blow my brains out (big challenge) the search continues, but in the meantime, the second change is starting this blog, I´ve realized that I want to share with you an intimate perspective  about the world we’re living in and that usually we don’t take the time to really appreciate what’s going on. I have something to say, about politics, sports, life, movies, Netflix, pets, etc. You name it, I’m open for suggestions… anybody? Don’t be shy? Nobody yet? ,  anyhow, here we go…

(BTW, English is not my native language, but I’m trying to increase my chances of getting this blog read, so I’m sorry for the mistakes and any corrections are welcomed)