Fiverr, Is it Worth it?


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For those who don’t know, is a web page where anybody can offer a service, almost any kind of service, starting from 5$. Obviously, this doesn’t include illegal services or ‘Adult oriented services’, if you know what I mean… and if you don’t, I meant services related with sexual content.

When my friend Mark told me about it, I thought the idea was genius, and it really is, for the owners of the web at least, they win 20 percent of every delivery that take place using their platform, that means that if you managed to sell something at 5$, you’ll only get 4$ and they’ll get the rest, I thought it was fair, after all, without it, the work wouldn’t be possible, but after a while, it doesn’t feel that fair, hours of work in order to get miserable 5$ and they take 1$ of them for doing nothing (I know it’s not for doing nothing, keeping the page working must have its costs, but I have nowhere else to complain but here, that’s one of the problems of freelance I guess).

Anyhow, I decided to give it a go about two years ago, in order to gain a few extra bucks, but mainly because I was too bored at work.

The only thing I could think about offering were translations, from English to Spanish and vice versa (btw, if you need something translated, please make my day and click this link: fiverr translations, or better yet, contact me through my contact page in this blog and let me keep that dollar I mentioned before). I liked the idea of putting my English into use, after all, I’ve been learning it since before school, went to some private institutes, but, if I’m being honest, I got into another level after taking things more seriously by watching TV, movies, music, and reading several books, (yes, I know this article probably have many mistakes, but nobody is paying me for it, so please accept my apologies, and let’s move on)

It was interesting at the beginning; got some clients pretty fast, but when I was at the making process, I realized why, I had offered the ridiculous amount of 5000 words of translation in just one day, I didn’t even care about the money, but so many words meant a lot of time writing and my fingers started to hurt, just to give you an idea, up to this point this article has about 410 words. Anyway, It appeared that it was a successful first try, maybe it was just a matter of regulating the number of words, the time and prices.

So, I tried more reasonable offers by increasing the prices and the time for delivery, but nobody came, I lowered my prices a little, but still no clients, then a little more, but still cero clients. At the moment, I had my job so I didn’t care. However, now that I decided to come back at the fiverr world after quitting my job, it’s been pretty rough, now that I see things more consciously, I realize that the competition is brutal, there are hundreds of people in here from all around the world offering the same thing, competition at its best, however, there may be some disloyal competition when the other providers come from countries where you can buy a full meal for just a dollar, and you have to pay at least 5 or 10 in yours (I know they probably need that money more than I do, but then again, I got to complain somewhere, right?).

Based only on my experience, this fiverr thing isn’t worth it, but I haven’t given up for a reason. It appears there are many people making a decent living from it, perhaps they played things smarter, maybe they had some luck, offered more profitable gigs, or maybe they’ve just been at the game for longer, whatever it is, it seems there’s a chance, and I’m not ready to give up just yet, worst case scenario it’s a start for making money from the internet, and there’s something about the idea of making money without leaving your home.
If you want to know about fiverr, here’s the link: Fiverr
Like I just said, it’s a start but it also may feel like a dead end, don’t say I didn’t warn you.